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Clear and transparent pricing so you know exactly what you will pay right from the start.

Extremely Competitive Rates

We're delighted to be offering some of the best rates on the web. Our rate structure for thesis and dissertation formatting services are straightforward and completely transparent. We charge a simple flat rate structure of £1 per page for our standard formatting service. The cost is based on the final number of pages when the formatting is fully completed and the final draft sent to our clients.

This means you have a very clear indication what you're going to be paying from the outset. There are no other fees, no administration fees and no VAT to pay.

The only other thing you need to know is that we require a £100 deposit at the outset to secure our time for your deadline. We will invoice you for the deposit once we have confirmed our availability for your deadline, and the full amount paid in the deposit is deducted from your final invoice.

Simple, straightforward and upfront pricing as part of our commitment to excellence in customer service.

For part formatting or assistance from All Typed Up Style in troubleshooting your document, we work at standard hourly rate of £17, and will always be happy to provide a full quote in advance. Upload your documentation as soon as possible and request a troubleshooting quotation.

The number of pages referred to in the flat rate pricing structure is calculated as the total number of pages of your thesis, dissertation or other document in the final version we supply to you. It is the number of pages as counted by the Microsoft Word software page count.

Please note there is a minimum charge applicable for smaller documents of £75.

Important note!

Our formatting service is based upon compliance for one thesis / dissertation document and one single submission deadline. If there is a secondary deadline whereby you need your document formatted in order for your supervisor to review the document as a first stage, this will classed as one submission deadline and any subsequent changes as suggested by your supervisor would form part of a secondary job. From our experience, it is often the case that supervisors will suggest quite significant structural changes that you weren’t expecting. We can of course re-format your document after you have implemented all your supervisor’s suggested edits. Because we have set the document up in the first place, it wouldn’t necessarily be costed as a full formatting job and would likely be costed at our hourly rate of £17 per hour. This would depend on the number of changes made, and how significant the changes are, and the length of time between the two submission deadlines. Please contact us for a quote. We're here to help!

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