The Process

The Process

We have a tried and tested process to ensure every client submits to deadline.

Step-By-Step, Streamlined Process for Seamless Project Management

We know that by the time you have reached this stage, your document is the accumulation of large quantities of research, analysis and content writing, often over many, many years.

Our aim is to keep the formatting process as simple and stress-free as possible so that you can remain focused on your content. 

We have an easy ten-step process as set out below. The system is set up to manage one master copy that is carefully controlled as it passed between All Typed Up Style and our clients at each stage of the process. All previous versions are securely stored for the life cycle of your formatting project should you feel you need to revert back for any reason. This system also provides a useful, secure and confidential backup for your work right up to your submission deadline and beyond.

Once your documentation is uploaded to our system, your dedicated and secure client login area is automatically set up and you can access this around the clock.  

We recommend contacting us as soon as you consider instructing a thesis and dissertation formatting services provider.

It is no problem for us to have work booked in 12 months in advance. Two to three months is the average notice period and of course we have formatted documents as part of our priority service within days. We do get booked in advance, sometimes months in advance, so please get in touch at the earliest moment. 

In order to ensure your document is completed to deadline, each trained team member can work on only one document at a time. This means we do have to decline work if we have multiple thesis or dissertation documents due on the same submission deadline. So the general policy is the sooner, the better.

To get your job booked in, email us with your word count and submission deadline to ensure we have availability and can schedule your thesis or dissertation in for our formatting service. You will need to tell us:-

  • The number of words
  • The deadline
  • Any specific or unusual requirements such as if your document is very table-heavy or if there are diagrams that need to be redrawn.

We will write back promptly to confirm availability. It is unlikely that we would be unable to accommodate a deadline, but we like to get them booked in at the soonest moment.

At this stage you would be required to pay a deposit. We will email you an invoice with clear payment options. 

The deposit is £100 and this will secure our time for your deadline. The full £100 paid as a deposit s deducted from your final invoice. Once we have received your deposit, we will contact you to confirm that your job is now booked in.

The final invoice will be payable on completion of our formatting services, once your document is submitted.

As soon as your job is booked in, we will agree a date for you to send your document to us to start formatting as well as the date you can expect us to return our first draft to you. This is typically three weeks before your deadline, though obviously less where we've agreed a priority service.


We request at this stage of the process, when we start formatting, that your document is 99.9% finalised. We understand there is likely to be last minute tweaks and changes once you see the document in its formatted state, or you may think of last minute amends or additions that you need to finalise to send us once we have started, however, the less changes made to the document once you have sent it to us, the better the process is to manage for ourselves and for you.

We work on the basis of having one master copy that is progressed and uploaded to our system ready for ourselves, or our clients, to pick up. All changes are always made to the master copy and we manage this carefully.

On the date agreed, or as soon as you are ready, upload your documentation.

Here is what we will need from you:-

  1. Your thesis or dissertation.
  2. The date and time of your final submission deadline, or if you are submitting in hard copy, we will need to know the date and time you have agreed to supply your thesis or dissertation to your chosen printing supplier.
  3. Your submission guidelines as provided or outlined by your university department.
  4. For any images or tables that need to be re-drawn, please supply these in their original format.

You can supply your thesis or dissertation as a whole document or in individual chapters/sections and we will collate them into one final document as part of our service.

You can specify what the university submission guidelines are by email or you can send the guidelines as an attachment as supplied by the university department you are submitting to.

We are ready to get started!

Once we have everything that we need, we will confirm this to you by email.

We will also at this stage agree the date and time we will return the document to you for review.

Literally, we really mean for you to put your feet up, or to perhaps catch up on all the other things you have pushed to the background to get this far.

We will be in touch if there are any problems. If you don't hear anything from us, then no news really is good news, and it means all is going well on our side and you can relax.

Sometimes clients use this time to check and finalise their list of references to send, or to isolate and edit a particular chapter to send to us during this process. But please note that this last minute supply of sections is better avoided.


If you feel it will be beneficial for your submission to finalise a section after we start formatting, it must be agreed in advance so that we know we are expecting the additional section from you and when we will receive this from you. We would emphasise that, unless agreed with us, it is imperative at this stage that you stop work on the document completely. We now hold the master version and there can only be one master version at any one time.  We will pass the master version back to you for review as part of the process at Step 7.

You now have the master document.

Hopefully you’ve originally sent the document to us in a state where it was 99.9% complete so only very minimal changes will need to be made by you at this review stage.

We understand that sometimes at this stage people see their work with fresh eyes, so to speak, and the odd typo or edit becomes more obvious. This is your chance to give any final tweaks to the document and to review the formatting we have applied in its entirety.

This is also your opportunity to feed back to us, if there is anything you don’t like or would like set out differently, please let us know. We are aware that within the scope of any submission guidelines, there is often some room for aesthetic interpretation, and if we set up something that you don’t like, whether it be spacing, use of colour, shading or anything at all, please just let us know your preference and we will adjust your document accordingly. It is never a problem. Our job is to use our technical software skills to make sure you are a hundred percent happy right up to your submission deadline.

Similarly, if there is anything that you are not sure of in terms of the submission requirements, this is your opportunity raise it with us.


Whilst we have all the skills required to get your document ready for submission, the final responsibility for ensuring compliance remains with the client. So, if there are any areas where you think we may not have formatted as per the guidelines, this is the time to raise that query with us, and there is ample time for us to clarify and remedy this.

We would add, however, that clients are usually delighted with our formatting services after our first draft is supplied back to them.

We now hold the master document again.

We will again confirm timings so you know exactly when your document will be returned. This is hopefully the final stage of revisions, however, please note we can repeat Step 7 and Step 8 multiple times to make any adjustments until you are completely satisfied and ready to submit your document.

We will provide you with the final version of your document for you to approve. Once approved, we can send it to you in Word version or we can provide a PDF version. Please ask your printer how they would like the document to be provided, and if they would like a PDF version, please ask them to specify the preferred DPI, as this can usually be accommodated. Please note that the higher the DPI, the larger the file size and the more difficult it can become to transfer from our system to yourself and then ultimately to the printer.

Please note that we don’t recommend any printers as preferred suppliers and it is up the individual to source and liaise with printing companies.

Congratulations! Your many years of hard work and careful attention has come to fruition. Your accomplishment is immense.

Time to Celebrate! 

Throw a party, book a holiday, find a bottle of something fizzy to open, or maybe reach for a pillow to catch up on many nights of missed sleep. Oh, and maybe leave a review for our formatting services. 😊

Ready to go? Contact us now to book our formatting services for your deadline.