Turnaround Time

Whether you require rapid turnaround or a slow and steady approach, we work to your deadline.

How Long Does it Take?

The number one question we get asked is around timing. And our response is always the same. We work to your deadline. Rapid turnaround or carefully planned, we match our service to meet your needs.

We know that university deadlines are rigid. We have streamlined a process for thesis and dissertation formatting that is efficient and effective and have NEVER worked with a client who has missed their deadline.

In terms of timing, it is helpful to give us notice that your project is coming our way, and to officially book us in advance for your deadline. Usually, the more notice the better. It is no problem for us to have work booked in 12 months in advance. Two to three months is the average notice period, and of course we have formatted documents as part of our priority service within days.

In terms of actually carrying out the formatting, two to three weeks is the average lead time from receipt of your documents to submission. For those who are working on a last minute schedule, we have worked with 48 to 72 hours’ notice and enabled our client to submit a document fully formatted to their University requirements and on deadline.

We are ready to go! Contact us now to book in your submission deadline.